In practicing the spiritual principle of anonymity, we respect each other’s anonymity at meetings by not repeating outside the meeting whom we saw or what a particular person said at the meeting.

Likewise, if we see someone in a meeting whom we know in another context, we respect their anonymity by not talking about non-Program matters with them at the meeting.

We practice anonymity outside a meeting when we see an SA program friend in a public place. We refrain from saying hello if the situation would require explaining to a third person how we know each other.

Further, we practice anonymity in one-on-one conversations with other members of the SA Fellowship when we need to discuss issues involving a third person. Unless the matter involves an SA group or SA as a program, we simply do not identify the person we are talking about.

If any member of the SA fellowship has concerns about a situation in which SA anonymity may have been broken, he or she may request a meeting to address the matter. The intent of such a meeting would be to review the events in question and then to prayerfully arrive at a decision (referred to as a ‘group conscience’) regarding what action, if any, should be taken in order to most constructively and helpfully address the matter at hand.