Service Opportunities

Sexaholics anonymous service opportunities exist at a basic level all the way up to international.


Being a sponsor can be a great service opportunity. This is the most prevalent opportunity existing at all times.

phone call sexaholic anonymous service opportunity

even a phone call can be service

Correctional Facilities Committee

Would you correspond with a prison inmate?
The Regional Corrections Committee is looking for sponsors for prison inmates who have asked SA for one. If you’re interested, please contact Neal B at 702-840-4585 or by email at Requirements for being a sponsor are 6 months sobriety, have a sponsor, be working Step 8, and discuss this service with your sponsor. See the full requirements in Sponsorship Guidelines.


Sexaholics anonymous service for each meeting should have an intergroup representative. We also have rotations of the Intergroup Chair, The Treasurer, The Secretary.

Website and Technology

We have opportunities to serve with technology.

Retreat Committee

We host a retreat every other year that our intergroup forms a committee to run.